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Karen Feld Professional Journalist

Then meet her medical service pups, Bellini and Mango, who are always ready for a close-up. Based in Washington, D.C., New York City, and Portland, ME, Karen is an award-winning, prolific columnist, editor and lecturer who is a frequent radio and TV guest.

For more than 40 years, she has covered culture and politics, theater and art, health and travel. Karen’s news and feature reporting spans the media landscape with a distinctive storytelling style mirrored in her fine art sculpture. Karen’s accomplishments have been recognized in the Congressional Record

Today, Karen is a contributing writer for NYCityWoman.com,  Allwaystraveller.com,  Georgetowner.com and SubStack and freelances for a variety of other publications. She is also a top reviewer on TripAdvisor.

Karen is a Board member of OMuseum.org

Radio and TV Personality

Karen was a recurring guest on many popular TV shows, and her syndicated Capital Connections® radio segment aired for years on Radio America’s “Dateline Washington.” Karen’s radio show, “Medicine Today,” was broadcast on the “Voice of America.” Karen has appeared regularly on these TV shows and networks:

  • “The Joan Rivers Show”
  • “The Sally Show”
  • “George & Alana”
  • “The Maury Povich Show”
  • “Inside Edition”
  • “FlipSide with Susan Molinari”
  • “Red White & Views with Cal Thomas”
  • PBS’s “This is America with Dennis Wholey”
  • Fox News Channel
  • Comcast
  • C-SPAN
  • America’s Voice
  • CBC
  • “Reporter’s Notebook” (WRC-TV, Washington, D.C.)
  • “Reporter’s Roundtable” (D.C. cable)

Karen hosted several radio talk shows and guests on hundreds of radio shows, including:

  • “The Jim Bohannon Show”
  • “Capitol Line with Blanquita Cullum”
  • “The Oliver North Show”
  • Karen also hosted a twice weekly show called “Medicine Today” on Voice of America for several years.

  • Clear Channel – Washington, D.C.
  • “Battle Line with Alan Nathan”


Karen penned a syndicated column on the Washington-Hollywood connection under the Capital Connections® brand. She launched The Buzz column in The Washington Examiner. Politicalmavens.com named her a Fellow. She served as Washington editor of a Delta Airlines in-flight magazine; Editor of Washington Flyer and Incentive Travel Manager. She’s a contributor to AllwaysTraveller.com Karen’s work has appeared in numerous national publications and websites:

  • Parade
  • People
  • Time
  • Money
  • George
  • Family Circle
  • Vogue
  • USA Weekend
  • Delta Sky
  • Campaigns and Elections
  • Golf Digest Woman
  • The Hill
  • Roll Call
  • Newsday
  • The Washington Times
  • The Baltimore Sun
  • Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Chicago Tribune
  • The Washington Post
  • The Los Angeles Times
  • The Boston Globe
  • The San Jose Mercury News
  • Orlando Sentinel
  • The Dallas Morning News
  • PACE Communications
  • Miles Media
  • Lifezette.com
  • NYCitywoman.com

Lectures, celebrity outreach, consulting and special events

Karen is a popular personality on the lecture circuit and guarantees a timely, original and engaging presentation for corporate, student or cruise-ship audiences. Karen can also help with a book tour, product launch, advocacy or coaching you on surefire ways to handle media questions. Karen can open doors to get you on the A-list and share successful tips for ice-breaking conversation. Need a politician or celebrity to support your event or cause? Karen can help. To learn more about Karen as a speaker, click here.

Karen Feld NFPW Award Winner 2024Karen Feld wins 3 First Place Awards in the national 2024 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest

  • Honorable Mention — Specialty Articles > Travel for “Barging France … In Slow Motion”
  • 2nd Place — Specialty Articles > Arts and entertainment for “I’ll Never Forget Beatlemania: 1964-and-1966”
  • 1st Place — Specialty Articles > Personal essay for “Harry Belafonte Remembered and An Evening That Almost Happened With His Younger Brother”

Recent Awards – 2024

Just notified that I picked up 10 journalism awards in the 2024 National Federation of Press Women at-large Communications Contest. My four First place winning entries go on to the National Contest. Winners will be announced at the annual NFPW conference in St. Louis in June. I was thrilled to be recognized by this group of outstanding professional communicators again this year as I have been annually since 1982!

Check out my 2024 First place winning entries and the Judges’ comments:
Personal Essay:
“Harry Belafonte Remembered And An Evening That Almost Happened With His Younger Brother”
The Judge commented: “The smooth, intentional sharing of her memories gave insight to Belafonte. It was an easy read, flowed with the historical offerings of various life experiences.”
Specialty Articles, Arts and Entertainment:
“I’ll Never Forget BEATLEMANIA: 1964 -and-1966”
The Judge commented: “The details in this article are fantastic. As an avid music lover, I loved reading this piece.”
Specialty Articles, Travel:
Barging France. . . In Slow Motion
The Judge commented: “A great job conveying the slow pace, landscape and culinary/tasting delights of barge travel!”
Personal Website: www.karenfeld.com
Judge’s comment: “Congratulations on creating a website that is easy to navigate with a strong mix of content that is business-oriented while still having a personal feel. The inclusion of Bellini and Mango (and Campari) adds to your story. Well done!”
My canine assistants, Bellini & Mango, are the real winners!

Authory Award – 2023

Authory Award Karen Feld
Authory Award Karen Feld

Fall 2023 Human Writer Certificate Authory has analyzed 505 articles created by Karen Feld, the holder of this certificate. Total number of articles analyzed in audit 4,052,305 Total number of publications analyzed in audit 26,637 Unique fingerprints in audit 693,890 Distinct fingerprints by certificate holder 279 Fingerprint dimensions 32 The writing style of Karen Feld’s new articles is consistent with Karen’s previous work, which is a strong indicator that Karen is not using AI tools for text generation. As a result, we are awarding Karen Feld the certificate “Human Writer”. Date of award: 26th October 2023 Certificate key: b24ac3cb7c454474aadaab042da98a6f4 Eric Hauch CEO of Authory


2023 Awards NFPW
2023 Awards NFPW


Outstanding communicators from throughout the US won honors in the 2023 National Communications Contest sponsored by the National Federation of Press Women at the celebration in Cincinnati, OH on June 24, 2023. Some 1,800 entries were submitted in this year’s contest. Karen was a winner as she has been every year since 1982.

Karen Feld, Washington, D.C. was a top winner:

  • First Place — Specialty Articles, Style (The Future of Interior Design, Estate Magazine)
  • Second Place — Specialty Articles, Sports (Pickleball, A Popular New Sport, www.NYCWoman.com)
  • Second Place — Web and Social Media, Personal Website (www.Karenfeld.com)

Recent Awards – 2023

Karen Feld First Place Awards
Karen Feld First Place Awards

Karen picked up a dozen writing awards — including 4 First Place— in the National Federation of Press Women 2023 At-Large Communications Contest.

First place winning entries included
her book review, H.H. Leonards’ “Rosa Parks, Beyond the Bus,” and “Pickleball: A Popular New Sport,” both published in NYCitywoman.com.

“The Future of Interior Design,” in Estate Magazine, and 2 Travel articles: “Cozy Getaway: Winvian Farm” and “Festive Winter Getaway: Wilburton Inn,” both published in www.AllwaysTraveller.com.

40 Year Service Award

NFPW honored Karen in 2022 for 40 years of service to the press organization and presented her with a FIRST place award for her website. About Karen Feld


Awards – 2022

Karen is a winner again this year in the 2022 National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) at-large communications contest!

NFPW At Large Winner

First place — Personal Website —www.karenfeld.com

Judges’ comments: “Clean, concise website. Easy to find links.”

NFPW Website first place

First place — Feature Story, online publication “First Marching Orders: Marine Band”

Judges’ comments: “Interesting story about a prized tradition that few Americans can even name.”

NFPW First Place

Second place — Specialty articles, physical health, “Don’t Drop The Ball —Pickleball is the Happening Sport Across the US”

Judges’ comments: “Informative and lighthearted. It gives good insight and explanation of this happening sport.”

NFPW Specialy Articles

Third place — Specialty articles, government or politics, “Still Questioning Political Correctness on 9/11 Anniversary”

Judges’ comments: “Great story-telling. The article pulls the reader in and carries them through smoothly Great use of voice and ability to elicit emotion.”

NFPW Award

3rd Place Specialty Articles Travel

Honorable Mention Specialty Articles Obituary

Karen Feld Awards 2021

NFPW Awards 2021

National Federation of Press Women

Karen picked up 8 awards — including 3 first place —that showcase her writing talent in the 2021 National Federation of Press Women at-large contest.

She has won awards in this competition annually for the past 40 years including the coveted Communicator of Achievement and Communicator as Entrepreneur Awards, the highest honor bestowed by the National Federation of Press Women, presented to a member who has distinguished themselves within and beyond their profession. The national winner is chosen by an independent panel of judges from nominees presented by state affiliates based on exceptional achievement in the communications field, service to NFPW and impact in the community.

Judges’ comments:

First place, travel.

“Your story makes me want to visit. Great job making your readers feel like they are (or want to be) there (Scrub Island).”

NFPW First Place Travel

First place, Obituary

“Clean, easy to read story about an amazing woman (Annie Glenn). Great job.”

First place Obituary

Second Place, Personal Essay

“Beautifully descriptive, personal, interesting, visual, timely, humorous.  What a wonderful party!  Lovely contrast of a White House event then and now.”

Second Place Personal Essay

Third place, Physical Health

“This article moves its reader along a trip through the heart of Allegretto. Beautifully written, the descriptions place one inside the many features of this unique resort. No detail was omitted. Reading it makes one want to book a week and submerge into another time and space. Talk about Zen-like quality! After a year of Covid-lockdown, this trip is a must.”

Third Place Physical Health


Karen has received numerous awards for Excellence in Journalism from the following professional organizations: karen Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

  • 2019 winner in Society of Professional Journalists Dateline Awards
  • Political Commentary in Print, Daily Reporting, Excellence in Journalism, Art Criticism, Local News Story, Online Feature, Editorial Writing, Feature Writing, Outstanding Journalism on the Web.

National Federation of Press Women (NFPW)

2020 National Federation of Press Women

  • 2020 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest national award.
  • 2020 National Federation of Press Women First Place Award Winner: Specialty Articles, Physical Health (“The Magic of Mentoring: Kids, Youth and Horses Partners in Healing”)
  • 2020 National Federation of Press Women Honorable Mention: Specialty Articles, Arts and Entertainment (“What We Learned When Harper Played Golda”)
    • 2019 National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest: Won three national awards: First place for on-line Feature; also Specialty articles in Sports and Travel.
    • 1st Place at-large for Specialty Travel Articles (2017): Karen’s winning articles are published in New York Lifestyles Magazine. Judges’ comments: — “These travel pieces are outstanding.” — “‘A Diamond Discovered in Erstwhile Barracks,’ about an off-the-beaten-path Island Inn in Maine, is loaded with details and includes just enough of the area’s rich history to inform readers and entice them to venture a visit.” — “‘Singer Island: Your Ticket to Paradise’ explores a little-known resort in a familiar destination, off of Palm Beach, Florida –  the content is well-organized and lively and the imagery is vivid.”
    • 1st Place for Feature Story in an Online Publication (2017): Karen’s winning article, “The Fear of Voting (It’s a Thing)” is published in the online publication, LifeZette.com. Judge’s comment: — “This article stands out for me because it presents an unusual aspect of voting. I would hazard to guess few people consider this when thinking about the realm of anxiety. The beginning talks about the conditions in which this anxiety can manifest. The quotes from real people as well as a professional giving tips really rounds out this. It’s is an easy-to-understand article that pulls you through to the mysterious conclusion of what can one do about this? I can see myself wanting to read more about the effects of this on the political system. Well done!”
    • Three Special Awards: National Communications Contest Sweepstake Award for winning the most awards from the organization; Communicator as Entrepreneur; and 35-year Milestone Membership Award.
    • Additional Awards: Editorial/Opinion on-line publication, Personality Profile, Feature Story, Theater Reviews, Personal Column, News Story, Broadcasting, Outstanding Journalism on the Web, Web Commentary, TV Presentation, TV Interview, Radio Interview, TV Talk Show, Radio Prepared Report (News), Radio Prepared Report (Features), Web Pages/Feature Story, News Program, Web Pages/Electronic Media Kit, Speeches.

North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA)

      • Destination Travel Magazine Feature

American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA)

      • Magazine Feature Story

American Chiropractic Association

      • Health Journalism Award

Capital Press Women (CPW)

      • Feature Print General/Specialized, Personal Website, Special Articles, Non-daily newspaper, Personality Profile (Print), Speeches, Communicator as Entrepreneur, TV Prepared Report (News/Feature), Radio Personal Column of the Air, Radio Interview, Writing for the Web (News or Features), News Reporting (Print Non-daily), Editorial (Print Non-daily), Editorial (Print Daily), Feature/Print Non-daily, Photography and Writing, Photography Non-daily, Radio On-The-Scene Spot Report News, Radio On-The-Scene Spot Report Feature, Radio Prepared Report, Radio Special Programming, Radio Personal Column, Radio Interview or Talk Show, TV On-The-Scene Spot Report, TV Interview or Talk Show, TV Presentation, Web Site (Personal), Personal Columns, Web Pages/Electronic Media Kit, News Program, TV Interview or Talk Show, Web Pages/Feature Story, Feature Story for Internal Publication, Feature Story for General Circulation Magazine, Feature Story Newspaper.