Bring VIP Visitors to the U.S. Capitol

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  • January 30, 1999

by Karen Feld

Bring VIP Visitors to the U.S. Capitol – Washington is a Town Filled with Political Animals

It’s become even more evident in recent weeks that Washington is a town filled with political animals. And “animal communicator” Karen Wrigley knows their language, literally. Using smells, sounds and emotions, she translates data from pets to people. Wrigley doesn’t even need to be in the same room as the animals. In fact, she says she communicates with their spirits. “Animals are truthful,” she told me. That made me wonder what First Dog Buddy and First Cat Socks think about the White House sex scandal that has engulfed their owner. At my request Wrigley made contact with the two executive pets. A verbatim account of their conversation (as described by Wrigley) follows:

Wrigley: Buddy, how do you feel about being neutered?

Buddy: I wouldn’t want to go through that again, but it helps me keep my mind on more important matters.

Wrigley: What’s your current role in The White House?

Buddy: At this time, to distract everyone, to provide diversions.

Wrigley: Socks, how’s your life at The White House?

Socks: I prefer Arkansas.

Wrigley: Sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences.

Socks: My family situation is scary, but there’s not much I can do about it.

Wrigley: Buddy, do you feel involved in your owner’s scandal?

Buddy: Absolutely not. Not in my physical state.

Speaking of two-legged political animals, some are readying to throw hats in the ring for 2000. Achievement on the playing field helps candidates both in terms of dollars and media attention in the political arena. Former Democratic Senator Bill Bradley, who played basketball with the NY Knicks, has lined up Disney honcho Michael Eisner and former Fox TV guru Barry Diller on his team. Both command enormous attention on Wall Street as well as Hollywood. Mr. Diller has been a loyal Al Gore supporter which makes us wonder whether Mr. Bradley, although playing in the presidential court now, is merely a substitute player for Gore in exchange for a Cabinet post down the road.

If the 17-year-old twin daughters of the leading Republican presidential hopeful, Texas Governor George W. Bush, have their way, Daddy may not run for The White House. After watching the media scrutiny that Chelsea Clinton’s been through they are reluctant about being thrust into the national spotlight.

And a Senate 2000 run is still speculated for First Lady. Cosmopolitan icon Helen Gurley Brown visited DC recently for the 30th Anniversary luncheon of NARAL. Hillary Clinton was the featured speaker to the 700+ crowd, predominately women in the dress rigeur – the power suit. Ms. Brown, breathing NYC fashion fresh air in an above-the-knee black silk spaghetti-strap cocktail dress, enthused “yes, yes, yes,” when asked if Mrs. Clinton would be a good Senate choice for New York.

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