What brings you good luck when you play golf?

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  • 09/2024

by Karen Feld

Nancy Kerrigan
Professional figure skater When I first started playing golf, a friend made me a custom set of clubs and told me he put magic in them. I used these clubs for many years. Donna Shalala
Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services I wear the same watch — a Rolex — every time I play. I have to have it on or I can’t hit a drive. Nancy Lieberman-Cline
Coach, Detroit Shock Tiger Woods’s agent is also my agent, so I figure some of Tiger’s skills have rubbed off on me. I now wear tape on one of my fingers, like Tiger does, and put my hand over my cap when I’m getting ready to putt. Cristyne F. Lategano-Nicholas
President and CEO, NYC & Company Since my late father-in-law gave me his Odyssey Rossie II putter, I’ve had fewer three putts. I believe that he is looking down on me and helping those lucky putts find the bottom of the hole. It’s either that or the putter is that good; I have very little to do with it. Pearl Sinn
Professional golfer I never play with balls marked with the number three. I’ve always played badly with them. I also never mark a ball with my birth year, ’67. I love even numbers, but I’d take 67 if I shot it.

–Interviews by Karen Feld

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