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  • March 25, 2005

by Karen Feld


Pete Wilson, the former California senator and governor, and his wife, Gayle, were back in Washington, visiting from Los Angeles. The Wilsons, who originally met at a talent show, can still reach those high notes.

Pete Wilson
Jim Watkins
Larry Silberman

Harry and Kathie Teter gave a dinner to spotlight the golden-throated couple. The Teters’ Northwest residence bopped with classic standards: “How are Things in Glocca Morra?,” “Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home” and “As Time Goes By.” Joining the Wilsons around the piano were Adm. Jim Watkins,, the Secretary of Energy for Bush 41, and his wife, Janet; “Crazy for You” playwright Ken Ludwig; Jim Rosebush; the Lloyd Hands; and Judge Larry Silberman, Chairman of the Commission on U.S. Intelligence and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Proliferation, and his wife Ricky. True to his tight-lipped past, the judge wouldn’t talk about his report due on the president’s desk next week.

Larry Summers

Summer’s fall?Area Harvard alums have been following the controversy surrounding former Treasury Secretary and current Harvard University President Larry Summers. The Ivy League chief has been much tread-upon for his January remarks – construed by many as sexist – concerning the reasons for the scarcity of women in the sciences. The resulting imbroglio has escalated to the point that Summers’ ability to lead is being debated by faculty members.

But Buzz has it that not everyone is giving Summer the cold shoulder. One local attorney (who has requested anonymity), an alumnus and reader of Harvard Magazine, wonders how best to support the university president and show his disagreement with the faculty. He has written Harvard Magazine Editor John Rosenberg suggesting a poll that could be broken down by categories (college, law, medicine) that would be no less divisive than the faculty vote. Rosenberg wrote back, suggesting he write directly to President Summers. No reason for alumni not to weigh in.

Mother and daughter bond

Lynn Redgrave discussed perhaps her toughest role to date – her successful battle with breast cancer – at the Corcoran earlier this week. But Redgrave’s performance was not delivered as a monologue. The award-winning actress was joined by her daughter, Parsons School of Design grad and photographer Annabel Clark, to discuss their uniquely collaborative book, “Journal: A Mother and Daughter’s Recovery from Breast Cancer.” The audience was inspired by Redgrave’s bravery and openness – an undertaking the actress stated as “life-affirming” – and delighted to share their own experiences as well.

Shakespeare Guild President John Andrews, who invited mother and daughter to the Corcoran, said their experience was proof that Shakespeare knew whereof he spoke when he had Duke Senior observe, in “As You Like It,” that “sweet are the uses of adversity.”Worm in the apple

There’s much buzz in and out of court over the online reporters who leaked Apple Computer’s trade secrets. While the identity of the original sources remain a mystery, they are believed to be Apple employees. Yet who’s at the core of the Apple story? Has anyone considered the real ID of the journalist who broke the story on Stay tuned for a local angle and some unintended consequences in this case.

Dinner and a show

On a break from Nashville Star, the latest vehicle to be overdriven through America’s congestion of reality TV shows, country sweetheart/host LeAnn Rimes lunched recently at Oceanaire, which appears to be her local fave. Coincidentally, former presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry was seen dining at the Palm. Whether the Massachusetts senator had guitar in tow and was cruising area eateries on a quest for LeAnn and the music career that eluded him forty-odd years ago can’t be confirmed, but he was cheered by fellow patrons.

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