Chelsea’s School of Real Life

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  • September 14, 1999

by Karen Feld

Most college students talk about entering “real life” after college, but Chelsea Clinton is taking advantage of opportunities now, prior to the start of Stanford’s Fall term September 22. While mom, Hillary Rodham Clinton, “listens” and “campaigns” in New York, Chelsea is accompanying her dad on an official visit to New Zealand. She looks very comfortable in the role usually handled by the First Lady. Chelsea has no official functions on her schedule, but she did join her father in the congratulatory call to Serena Williams on her U.S. Open Tennis win.

Chelsea’s maternal grandmother, Dorothy Rodham, is also along for the ride…perhaps in the role of chaperone for Chelsea…and maybe even the Prez.

With Chelsea’s dad winding down his Presidency, and mom gearing up for a Senate run, Chelsea will have plenty of opportunities for face time, but she’ll also have to deal with the increased press scrutiny from which her parents can no longer protect her.

And as to those tales of Hillary getting a “nip and tuck,” it isn’t happening, at least not now…her schedule is keeping the First Lady too busy. But she wouldn’t be the first political hopeful to use cosmetic enhancements in a bid for mediagenics.

New Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder courted politicos and wonks in the owner’s box on opening day — Gore adviser Leon Fuerth, publisher Mort Zuckerman, Washington insider Lloyd Cutler and Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening — but he may be wondering if his $800 million was well spent on the Redskins and stadium after a losing day for both his team and fans. They lost to rival Dallas Cowboys, and a record number of fans caused traffic gridlock under Snyder’s new “improved” parking system which fumbled badly. Could this be negative karma for removing Jack Kent Cook’s name from the stadium? It looks like a long rookie season for the NFL’s newest team owner, but it won’t stop Washington’s elite from lobbying for invitations to his “A” list box on game day.

New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman opted out of the Senate contest but don’t count her out of politics yet. Republicans are in search of strong women for high visibility posts and if her party wins the White House in 2000, she’s a likely shoe-in for a cabinet slot.

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