Coffee, tea or … people-watching

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  • April 29, 2005

by Karen Feld

Starbucks founder and NBA Supersonics owner Howard Schultz (with security guard) in from Seattle had dinner at Cafe Milano on The New York Times’ dime Wednesday evening courtesy of columnist Maureen Dowd, who lives just a couple blocks away.

Also attending the business dinner was Dowd’s assistant Julie Bosman and Kris Engskov, who was President Clinton’s personal aide and is now director of public policy and government affairs for Starbucks. Schultz suffered momentary disappointment after the business dinner when he was told, “No mint tea for you,” and had to settle for a non-herbal variety. We were watching closely … hmmm, no Breakfast Blend?

Earlier that evening, Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., threw a reception on Cafe Milano’s front patio for Heather King, who has worked in her Senate office for several years and is leaving to pursue her studies at Georgetown University Law Center. Also schmoozing with Clinton aides was Ann Lewis, communications director for Clinton’s PAC, and high-powered attorney Bob Barnett, who negotiated the Clinton book deals.

And even later, GOP speech writer Tony Dolan wandered in and told pals that even he fell asleep during “Rummy’s meeting” that day. We’re sure it must be overwork and chronic fatigue, not boredom with his boss.

Take my prince, puhleeeze

White House correspondents are buzzin’ that President Bush better come up with some good lines at their annual dinner at the Washington Hilton Saturday evening about his hand-in-hand stroll with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah in Crawford. Surely, Cedric the Entertainer will even if the president doesn’t.

This year, the Creative Coalition has teamed with Atlantic Media to host the hot invitation-only predinner reception with actors Dennis Hopper, Richard Schiff, Ron Silver, Joe Pantoliano, Jon Cryer and Giancarlo Esposito while Bloomberg does the after party.

Nationals pitcher Livan Hernandez.

Drivin’ right

Baseball is being bery, bery good to Livan. Nationals pitcher Livan Hernandez purchased a multimillion-dollar condo in the downtown Ritz-Carlton residences in D.C.’s West End which start at almost $1 million and go up to $6 million. His purchase includes five reserved parking spaces – a must to garage his Bentley, Caddy, SUV and two Ferraris.

Govinda’s artful romance Chris Murray, that hunk who owns Georgetown’s very hip Govinda Gallery, and his longtime gorgeous gal pal, Carlotta Hester, who teaches art at Maret School and shows at Govinda, have plans to tie the knot in Northern Ireland horse country at the end of July.

Photo show on the prez

And don’t miss portrait photographer William Coupon’s show that opens at Govinda tonight through May. He’s done portraits of every U.S. president since Richard Nixon and his work has appeared on 15 Time magazine covers.

Fenty scouting on Evans’ turf

Perhaps Pamela Harriman’s former Georgetown mansion, now owned by Dr. James D’Orta, is still the draw, but Ward 4 D.C. Council Member Adrian Fenty, 33, had a crowd of supporters for a reception there in support of his exploratory committee for a mayor run in 2006. That is only about three blocks from the home of former mayoral candidate Jack Evans, councilman for Ward 2, who is likely to run again. Pundit Mark Plotkin said, “Fenty is like [Howard] Dean – he’s peaked too early.” Virginia Williams, Mayor Williams’ dynamic mother, hopes her son will run again. It’s Williams’ wife, Diane Simmons, who hopes he won’t seek re-election.

On the run, too?

While Mayor Williams is still on the fence about a run for re-election, it was noted that one of his former supporters, Peter Rosenstein, whom he appointed to the University of the District of Columbia board of trustees, is a strong Fenty supporter.

Yiddisha mama is definitely running

This mayoral hopeful has an energetic mom as well. Jan Fenty, who owns Fleet Feet in Adams Morgan, a small business devoted to running, bicycling and swimming gear that she started with her husband, Phil, 21 years ago, says her son has “real heart, energy and commitment.”

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