Dean doesn’t speak for Fonda and Streisand!

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  • June 10, 2005

by Karen Feld


There’s rumbling and grumbling among Democratic Party insiders about their unhappiness with party Chairman Howard Dean. Some are trying to distance themselves because of his inappropriate comments – characterizing the Republican party as “a white Christian party” – while others are quick to admit that Dean has a lack of focus and is certainly not a Terry McAuliffe when it comes to fundraising. I hear that Barbra Streisand and Jane Fonda are scheming to do a DNC fundraising tour, as Dean is not raising what he promised for the party.

Controversial resolution

Three Democratic members of the House Judiciary committee – John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, Rick Boucher of Virginia and Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida – have gone out on a limb in co-sponsoring a resolution yesterday commending W. Mark Felt, the Nixon-era deputy director of the FBI, for his extraordinary service to the country in exposing the Watergate scandal. They call him “a courageous public servant.” Some are abuzz that this could be a problem for Rep. Conyers and company when they go after the Patriot Act’s invasion of privacy. After all, the sponsors of this resolution are commending someone who was indicted for that very thing.

Carl, the other guy is in Florida

Speaking of Deep Throat, Carl Bernstein has been calling around to try to locate John Sears, the political consultant whom Leonard Garment named “Throat” in his book, “In Search of Deep Throat: The Greatest Political Mystery of Our Time,” published five years ago. Sen. Kit Bond’s wife, Linda, an ex-girlfriend of Sears, has told pals that Sears always said he was not Deep Throat and resented being described as such by Garment. Carl, if you haven’t found Sears yet, we hear he’s living in seclusion in Florida.

Golf first, vote later

Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, held votes until 2 p.m. Wednesday so the House power golfers could participate in the Booz Allen Classic Pro-Am tournament at Congressional Country Club. What a charitable thing to do! Maryland Gov. Bob Ehrlich and Reps. Mike Oxley, R-Ohio, and Tom DeLay, R-Texas – wearing his signature big-brimmed hat – were partnered with pro Chad Campbell. Crowds cheered as Oxley had a birdie on the sixth hole. Sens. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., and Don Nickles, R-Okla., played with Mark Hensby. Sens. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., were paired with Ted Purdy.

Tyson saved by fatherhood

“There are two guiding forces in Mike Tyson’s return to the fight ring,” according to photojournalist Carrie Devorah, who is covering the Tyson-McBride fight tomorrow at the MCI Center. “His reliance on Islam, and the even higher authority in his life – his former wife Monica Turner, the mother of his children.” Iron Mike – failing to be flustered when he was challenged with accusatory words two days in a row this week by the public pretending to be media – showed the world: Fatherhood may, in fact, be his ultimate salvation.

Devorah imagines that the Tyson movie has been cast with lookalikes to the story’s characters … Jamie Foxx is a dead ringer, if he can pump up, for Tyson; Isra Wynn can be played by diva J.Lo if the songstress tones herself down to be as sweet as the former D.C. woman boxer; and Vice President Dick Cheney is one helluva shoo-in for Tyson’s longtime trusted business manager Shelly Finkel – divulged by Howard University alum and fight promoter Rock Newman to have a nickname: not “Honey” … but “Bunny,” according to Mrs. Finkel, Newman confirmed.

You’re not a redneck, if you go …

We hear Ford’s Theatre is having problems getting talent to commit to do its annual gala Sunday evening, although producer/director Paul Miller has strong-armed “Blue Collar TV” star Jeff Foxworthy to emcee the show.

A home run at Morton’s

A roving dinner party benefiting the Major League Baseball Players Trust at Morton’s in Arlington earlier this week drew Nationals players – Brad Wilkerson, Brian Schneider and Chad Cordero – as well as Winston Lord, the executive director of the Washington Baseball Club, Neil Alpert, chairman of the DC Baseball Association, and Susan Boggs of Turner Construction. Patrons bid on signed jerseys.

A bittersweet farewell to a winner

One of our favorite diplomats, Swedish Ambassador Jan Eliasson, and his lovely wife, Kerstin, are leaving for New York City before the new Swedish embassy on the Potomac between Rock Creek and Georgetown’s Washington Harbour, on which he worked so hard, gets completed next summer. At a farewell party at his residence Monday evening, he said, “This is the best kind of election.” He ran unopposed and is set to become president of the United Nations General Assembly in September. His replacement, Gunnar Lund, arrives in Washington that month.

Meanwhile, Anna Eliasson, the ambassador’s attractive blonde daughter, will stay here in Woodley Park since she works in development for the Aspen Institute. Spotted at the party among the Eliassons’ many dear friends – where everyone joked that the ambassador is going to New York to reform the United Nations – were Sally Blumenthal from the National Park Service; developer Alan Novak, who made the new embassy possible (he also developed the Mandarin Oriental hotel) and his son, Jonathan; Nancy Bagley of Washington Life; tennis coach Kathy Kemper; arts supporter Dorothy McSweeny; Janet Solinger; Debbie Sigmund; Aniko Gaal Schott; and on and on.

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