Earth Wind Fire, a President and a King

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  • June 21, 2000

by Karen Feld

When President Clinton invited the 37-year old King of Morocco, his Majesty Mohammed VI, to the White House for dinner, he had one request – he wanted Grammy winners Earth Wind and Fire to entertain. So Tuesday evening, 425 guests, including actress Teri Garr, singer Paula Abdul, film maker Ken Burns, Redskins owner Dan Snyder, race car driver Bobby Rahal and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz rocked under a Pavilion on the South Lawn at the largest State Dinner ever.

Bill Clinton isn’t the only Arkansan who likes Cuban cigars. Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln, who went to Cuba earlier this month, asked the House Ethics Committee to permit her to keep two boxes of Cohiba cigars that Fidel Castro personally autographed. The Arkansas Senator, who is working to lift the trade embargo, says she didn’t want to refuse the gift. “It might embarrass the Cuban leader.”

It hasn’t exactly been a hardship assignment for reporters covering “Dubya” on the campaign trail. They spent five days at the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Me., last week while the candidate reviewed the initial draft of his acceptance speech, and top aides met to plan the convention including themed evening sessions and a tribute to GOP ex-Presidents. One CNN reporter couldn’t believe that he was actually paid to spend time at Walker’s Point watching the Texas Governor fish and jog.

Al Gore has put so much effort into distancing himself from President Clinton that it’s ironic he named Commerce Secretary Bill Daley, a consummate Clinton insider as Campaign Chairman. Worse yet, they both waited to tell the President (who is still their boss) about the new arrangement until after Daley accepted the position. But Mr. Daley may succeed in getting the Democratic machine lined up behind the Vice President. Expect the strategy to lead the Democrats away from the middle. The GOP may do the same in the other direction. Again, ironic, since both candidates need to win the moderates and independents. By the way, Mr. Gore’s controversial campaign manager, Donna Brazile, had her feathers ruffled when the candidate passed her over for the top job.

Attention West Wing fans. . . I hear that the TV crew will be filming in D.C. again during the dog days of August. They’ll shoot on location at the Newseum — that’s the fabulous news museum — scenes that will reveal the outcome of the cliffhanger season finale: Who got shot? Was it the President? If you absolutely can’t wait until the fall premiere of the show ‘s sophomore year. . . stake out the Newseum this summer. There’s always other good stuff there too.

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