Elian Stuff Auctioned on Ebay while Ventura Heads for Broadway

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  • May 17, 2000

by Karen Feld

Hillary Clinton is letting her Senate opponent Rudy Giuliani be the story while she stays on message. But Democratic insiders are privately saying that the First Lady would rather run against the devil she knows than one she doesn’t — whether it be New York Gov. George Pataki, Rep. Rick Lazio, or Wall Street financier Ted Forstmann. And GOP’s are concerned about having a strong personality at the top of the ticket — one who can attract both moderates and conservatives and win both state Houses for the party.

At least 64 listings are returned when you search for “Elian” on ebay, the online auction site that has people trying to make a buck off of anything and everything. Items include a wide assortment of “treasures”. . . from his blue and his red Crayola crayons to the “authentic” rescue boat. My advice is “caveat emptor” — let the buyer beware.

They aren’t the only ones trying to make a buck off of Elian. At least 3 film companies are vying to see who gets Elian’s made-for-TV movie on air first. At the top of the heap are “family friendly” CBS (home of “Touched By An Angel”), Fox Family Channel, and HBO. Word is that the first will air in the fall (probably during the November sweeps). Whether or not Elian is still residing in the communist-created compound on the Wye River, U.S.-Cuba relations will likely still be the topic du jour.

Not to be outdone by anyone, wrestler-turned-movie-star-turned-politician Jesse Ventura may be immortalized on the Great White Way of Broadway. Producer Pierre Cossette (“Will Rogers Follies”) is planning a musical on the Minnesota Governor’s colorful life. Yet his production won’t be too colorful, as Cossette envisions “a family type of show.” Ventura is thrilled, but pleaded with the producer — “Could you do it with rock music?” No problem for Cossette — he wants to bring younger audiences to Broadway.

No Tony nomination for Lauren Bacall this time around — but the co-star of Broadway’s revival, “Waiting in The Wings,” is a hit with Steve Miles, the Minnesota doc running for the Democratic Senate nomination from his state. When asked what role he would play if he was a movie star, the Senate hopeful quipped: “Anything opposite Lauren Bacall.”

The Democratic National Committee has given Congressional aides an incentive to sell tickets to their fund raiser at the MCI Center in Washington next week. Anyone who sells ten $50 tickets gets two free tickets to see Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, LeAnn Rimes, and Robin Williams perform at the concert tribute to President Clinton.

“Dubya” hits Washington May 22 for a $1,000-a-head fundraiser with lobbyists. Afterward, he plans to meet face-to-face with the House Republican Conference, the first time he’s met with all of the GOP House Members since last summer. With money in pocket from the night before, he’ll no doubt talk about how he can help them win re-election.

But George W. will not attend the GOP Senate-House Dinner in D.C. on May 24. Headliner Clint Black will be disappointed; however, word is that the former president will be on hand to wave the family banner.

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