What was your most embarrassing moment on the golf course?

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  • 06/2024

by Karen Feld

Ann Murray
Canadian pop singer I was five months pregnant with my first child and I was asked to play in a Dinah Shore tournament in Palm Springs. It was very hot. As I was waiting to tee off, they sat me in the shade, then forgot I was there. They teed off without me. The other golfers were down on the fairway when someone remembered to come and get me. I had to tee off by myself in front of about a thousand people and hit the ball about 10 yards.

Sylvia Bessagato
Dean of students, Xavier University, Ohio I was playing a round with three men. My second shot from the fairway hit a tree. We heard an odd noise and saw leaves and feathers drop from the tree…my only birdie of the day! We never found a body, so hopefully the bird was only dazed.

Nancy Oliver
Founder, Executive Women’s Golf Association I hit a tee shot so high that it landed on the green on the adjacent par 3, which was designated for the “closest to the pin” contest. I was indeed the closest, but they wouldn’t give me the prize!

Kathy Ireland
Model, actress I was in a gold tournament with baseball great Mike Piazza. I was a new golfer, so when I teed off in front of the crowd, I got so nervous I missed the ball three times. Mike said, “Three strikes, you’re out!”

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