Family Jazzfest With The Pizzarellis At The Café Carlyle

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  • April 14, 2013

by Karen Feld

It’s a family affair at the Café Carlyle where John Pizzarelli’s quartet, which includes his younger brother Martin on bass, share the stage with their legendary dad, Bucky Pizzarelli, 87, on guitar. The show really is about the exemplary father-son relationship. But there were three generations of Pizzarellis at the show including John’s wife, Jessica Molaskey, who frequently performs with the quartet and Bucky’s granddaughter who called the chords
out for him.

You could have heard a pin drop when Bucky played a Richard Rogers melody. Several times throughout the evening John loudly prompts his dad, “bridge” or “you play now.” The senior Pizzarelli was seated on the stage and smiled warmly and broadly at the audience as John encouraged him to play. At one point he quipped, “I am this man’s son.” Bucky, a legend in the jazz world, was part of the Vaughn Monroe orchestra. John relates Bucky stories and his dad seems to enjoy it all.

They played a couple of songs from the Joe Mooney book. Bucky watched Joe Mooney rehearse his quartet during the Nat King Cole era. “Mountain Greenery” was one of the best upbeat numbers of the evening. In addition to the Pizzarrellis the top-notch musicians include Larry Fuller on piano and Tony Tedesco on drums. John sings melody as well as plays guitar.

An Evening with The John Pizzarelli Quartet featuring Bucky Pizzarelli will be at the Café Carlyle for two weeks through April 20. For reservations, visit www.thecarlyle.com.

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