Finding the Fountain of Youth

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  • March 30, 2010

by Karen Feld

Who among us doesn’t want to discover the eternal Fountain of Youth? Politicians, and their constituents alike, are no different. For some, it may be akin to finding a pot of gold, for others, a fad diet, steamy sex, or perhaps, Botox, cosmetic surgery or a trendy spa.

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon — as legend has it — found healing waters. The legendary spring is one of the many secrets found in one of America’s oldest and most colorful cities, St. Augustine, Fla. Once part of the Spanish Empire, it’s worth a visit to this historic walking city just to visit the spring and sip — or gulp — the water that the conquistador hoped was his Fountain of Youth back in the 16th century. Today the national archaeological park is still home to early artifacts of the first St. Augustine colony. Discover the answer for yourself when you explore the landmark Spring, Cross of Discovery and Christian Indian burials.

While there, enjoy strolling the uneven bricks on Aviles Street, the oldest European Street in the U.S. and explore the courtyards of this cultural smorgasbord. Walk along the waterfront — the Atlantic ocean and Matanzas River — and stay in one of the romantic Inns of Elegance — perhaps the Inn on Charlotte, the St. Francis, or the Casablanca Inn (circa 1914) where you will want to sip an exotic martini on the verandah of the Tini Martini Bar on the Bay front.

And if you still don’t feel like you’ve encountered that intangible “fountain,” try an eco-adventure where you can spot manatees at your fingertips or relive your youth in a mini ‘ScootCoupe’ — a sleek open three-wheeled, user-friendly motor scooter for two. I’d recommend heading directly to a gourmet tasting at Claude’s Chocolate shop. And keep searching!

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