‘First Fan’ to throw first pitch?

  • The Washington Examiner
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  • February 01, 2005

by Karen Feld

Veteran announcer Charlie Brotman, doing a “pre-game warm-up” at the inaugural parade, looked toward the First Fan and tossed him the big question: “Mr. President, baseball fans are excited about you throwing out the first baseball on April 14. Can you make it?” With that, Brotman – also known as the voice of the old Washington Senators – created quite The Buzz. Continuing in that unmistakable Brotman style – “Mr. President, keep the arm in good shape,” the PRmeister was surprised when a Secret Service agent rushed over and whispered sternly in his ear, “Charlie, do not make any more announcements directed to the president.” “I thought they were going to lock me up,” says Brotman: It appears that the president’s attendance at the Nationals’ openning home game had not yet been publicly announced. Now that it’s officially on POTUS’ schedule, we’ll hear Charlie’s familiar voice calling the play-by-play … assuming he stays on the right side of the Secret Service.

Charlie Brotman sings a rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” in his basement in Takoma Park on Jan. 12.

Domingo holding out hope

Is there room for Washington Opera Artistic Director Placido Domingo at the Met after all? The tenor lost his bid last year to be the general manager, but now they may be buzzing the words “Artistic Director” in his ear!…

Only in Georgetown: Kay Graham’s manse still sits vacant because Venturehouse Group entrepreneur Mark Ein, who paid more than $8 million for the property in 2002, says it will take “divine intervention” before he renovates and moves in (he made this wishful declaration, appropriately enough, at the National Gallery dinner previewing Rembrandt’s Late Religious Portraits)….

A hopeful Andrea Mitchell is telling pals “Condi (Rice) will give the networks better access. She won’t leave us behind on a trip to Baghdad.”…

Expect more than a $400 million price tag for the Nationals (stadium NOT included) and a home team ownership advantage if bidding gets more competitive…


You can’t go home again, but former House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt and his wife, Jane, are moving “sideways” to Napa wine country….

NYPD Blues: A disappointed Ricky Schroeder emceed the Freedom Ball but is still waiting to actually meet the Prez…

Silver Hearts: HH Leonard is throwing an Academy Award-winning 25th anniversary celebration for The Mansion on O, the unique B & B and private getaway she created near Dupont Circle. Her favorite romantic songwriter and singer Paul Williams performs there on Valentine’s Day to benefit The Clare Foundation (he’s a board member), which save the homeless from alcohol and drug addiction.

The stinger

Collectors’ poster not spotted at ‘naugural’ balls: Hans Christian Andersen was seen smiling in admiration at artist Jim Seimer’s “The Bush has no clothes” poster. It reflects the parallel between Andersen’s classic “the Emperor’s New Clothes” parable and the administration’s still-concealed “weapons of mass destruction.”

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