George Bush Jr. May Be Holding Out on Declaring

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  • February 06, 1999

by Karen Feld

George Bush Jr. May Be Holding Out on Declaring Candidacy for His Kid’s Sake

Media scrutiny of his kids and family might be holding back Texas Governor George Bush, Jr. from announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000. His 17-year-old twin daughters are reluctant to be thrust into the national spotlight after seeing how the press treats Chelsea. Mr. Bush’s wife, Laura, has cautioned him to “be careful, be careful, be careful” as he ventures into Presidential campaign waters.

As president pro tempore of the Senate, 96-year-old Strom Thurmond is seated near the White House counsel during the impeachment trial. The southern-born senator has made a point of making sure that defense lawyers Cheryl Mills and Nicole Seligman feel welcome and are looked after – to the point where he gives them fruit and candies from his own pocket. However, the House Managers cannot cry “partisanship” – they have no female representatives on the prosecution side. This isn’t the first time the Senator has used his pockets to carry “provisions”. For years he lined them with egg rolls and other assorted edibles from buffet tables to snack on at home.

Regardless if you are Democrat, Republican or independent, the Alfalfa Club’s annual dinner (named for the deep-rooted plant with thirsty roots) is a coveted invitation. Six hundred of America’s most prominent businessmen, politicos and celebs attended this year’s soiree at Washington’s Capital Hilton, relishing the chance to meet, mingle and roast one another from under the press’s watchful eye. President and Mrs. Clinton sent regrets for the second year in a row (reason: the impeachment trial), however impeachment figures Kenneth Starr and Vernon Jordan did attend. Mr. Starr even participated in the traditional dessert toast to POTUS (the President of the United States), showing good manners that surely pleased etiquette maven Martha Stewart, also in attendance.

Elizabeth Dole, former head of the American Red Cross and wife of 1996 GOP presidential candidate Senator Bob Dole, is preparing for her campaign bid as the United State’s chief executive. She has opened up an office in the Watergate. Also, the Doles have finalized their purchase of a Watergate apartment from their next door neighbor Marcia Lewis, Monica Lewinsky’s mom.

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