Good Enough for Dad, But Not for “W”

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  • October 13, 1999

by Karen Feld

Some longtime Republican operatives are worried about George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism, saying that his primary race has peaked too soon. Many GOP hands are helping him out on the campaign and plan to assist at the Republican Presidential convention next July in Philadelphia, but not those who worked for President Bush. “W” wants to separate himself politically from his Dad — only Nixon and Reagan republicans are okay by him.

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz) may see his life on the big screen. Barry Diller’s film company purchased movie rights to McCain’s book, “Faith of My Fathers.” No word yet as to who will play the former POW and presidential hopeful but if McCain has his way, he says he’d like to be portrayed by Tom Cruise. Sen. McCain, like so many other politicians, appears to have caught that show biz bug — capped with a recent appearance on late night talker Jay Leno’s show.

Al Gore’s campaign team isn’t too pleased with the First Lady, again. Despite the fact that New York Senator Pat Moynihan endorsed Bill Bradley for the Democratic presidential nomination, Hillary Clinton sent a video tribute to The Orthodox Union dinner in New York honoring Sen. Moynihan. To complicate matters even more, the keynoter was none other than Bill Bradley. President Clinton, committed to helping his handpicked heir, declined the invitation to do the same. Once again, chalk this up to one more awkward situation for The White House created by the First Lady’s senate bid. And the irony of it all — Vice President Gore was last year’s keynoter at the same dinner. . . and last summer, Hillary Clinton went against the President’s policy and came out in favor of moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in a letter to the Orthodox Union.

Many of the Clintons’ future neighbors in Chappaqua, N.Y., are already grumbling about gawkers on the cul-de-sac where they intend to live. Residents and town officials are seriously considering closing it to traffic. And then there’s all of the contractors — apparently the $1.7 million home purchased by the Clintons is a “fixer upper.” It needs new wiring and plumbing, as well as a Secret Service installed security system. The Clintons don’t have any furnishings and the prior owners declined to sell their tables and chairs to the First Family. Instead, they’ve recommended area interior designers. . . perhaps with the intention of boosting the local economy.

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