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If you could play golf with anyone in the world, who would you pick?

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  • April, 2000

by Karen Feld

Donna Shalala
Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services Nancy Looez. She’s enthusiastic and never gives up. She’s my kind of golfer. I also know that we’d laugh a lot and I’d learn much along the way. Dee Dee Myers
Political consultant A few years ago, President Clinton played golf with former Presidents Ford and Bush at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. I envied my former boss. I’d love to spend 18 holes with the three of them, just listening to their tales. Rosemary Harris

Tony- and Emmy Award-winning actress Tiger Woods. So I could learn from the best. And besides, he’s adorable. Perhaps he could teach me other things. Meg Mallon
Professional golfer My mom, Marian Mallon. I remember walking and carrying our bags in late afternoons and playing nine holes when I was young. That was just the best. Bonnie Blair
Olympic gold medalist It has nothing to do with his politics, but former President Bush. I met him at The White House after the Olympic Games and I was impressed with how down-to-earth he was. He’s the type of guy I’d want to spend four or five hours on the golf course with.

–Interviews by Karen Feld

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