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  • February 20, 1999

by Karen Feld

Hillary Clinton, the U.S. first lady, yesterday listened to the advice of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the retiring New York Democratic senator, on whether she should run for his seat in 2000. Their 75-minute White House lunch was part of her plan to seek opinion about a possible run from various knowledgeable people. The view of Bill Clinton, the U.S. president, is that his wife has endured an exhausting year and should take time to rest and think hard about a possible run for the Senate. “This is nothing that ever crossed her mind until other people began to mention it to her,” Mr. Clinton said yesterday.

Hollywood celebrities lure not only politics and politicians, but the diplomatic corps as well. Andrew Peacock, the Australian ambassador to the United States and one of Washington’s leading bachelors, has been linked romantically for many years to Shirley MacLaine, the Oscar-winning actress and new age guru. But now she’s been given the cold shoulder while diplomacy is apparently in the forefront. His current significant other is divorcee Penne Korth, a George Bush friend (both are Texans) and former ambassador to Mauritius. While the two were ice skating recently, Ms. Korth fell and broke her wrist; the ever chivalrous ambassador was there to rescue her.

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