We Put The Spring in Springfield: The Music of The Simpsons

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  • February 20, 2013

by Karen Feld

These 3 Nerds (Anthony Napoletano, Douglas Goodhart and Will Larche) and a Girl (Shannon Amiry) as this talented crew calls themselves, does put the Spring in Springfield. In their clever 60-minute musical spoof they performed excerpts from 69 songs from the Simpsons, the animated hit TV show, at the Duplex in the West Village, Saturday evening. The cast, who met at the Boston Conservatory, couldn’t differ more from one another. But they have in common an obsession for the Simpsons, America’s animated TV family.

Musical Director Will Larche did the arrangements for the 11-second songs and worked with Shannon, who is a nanny by day, to write the show. Napoletano, Goodhart and Larche did well-choreographed song and dance routines while Larche was at the piano. Their voices blended well for this fast paced show. Although the cast joked that their moms never let them watch the Simpsons, every song was from an actual episode, and they played a wide range of Simpson characters.

Amiry’s voice was a delight when she sang the lyrics that summarized the show, “If you cut every corner, we’ll have more time for play. It’s the American way.” At one point they talked like cartoon characters and danced on their knees. Topics spoofed in the edgy show included drugs, dental plan s, Congress, the “mediocre presidents,” lack of morals, crazy wedding stories and vital organs. The clever quartet had great eye contact and facial expression.

They’ll be back at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre with more from the longest running American TV sitcom. It’s a must see for Simpson fans. For more info: www.theduplex.com or 212-255-5438.

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